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  1. Participatory Rural Appraisal: A Holistic Approach for Getting Insight into a Agro-eco system Analysis
    T. Rajula Shanthy, Monika Singh, Nisha Sahu, Surekha, M. Balaji Rajkumar, S. GopalaSundara Raj, Kalyan De and S. Ramachandran

  2. Training Needs of Tribal People Regarding Income Generating Activities
    M. Rokonuzzaman

  3. Effectiveness of Training on Tubular Maize Sheller for Reducing the Drudgery of Farmwomen
    Sadhna Pandey, Purushottam Sharma and R. K. Sharma

  4. Communication Mechanisms of Extension Personnel for Acquisition of Farm Technology in Rajasthan
    R.N. Sharma, S.K. Sharma and B.L. Sharma

  5. Adoption Dynamics of Improved Sugarcane Cultivation in Madhya Pradesh
    Sandeep Chouhan, S.R.K. Singh, A.K. Pande and U.S. Gautam

  6. Entrepreneurship B-ehaviour of Women Entrepreneurs in Imphal of Manipur
    D. Ram, M.K. Singh, K. P. Chaudhary and L. Jayarani

  7. Interventions of Sodic Soil Reclamation Technologies and Constraints in their Adoption
    Y.P. Singh, U. C. Dubey, Sudhir Singh and S. K. Dubey

  8. Information System for Arid Fruit Crops
    R. Nagarjuna Kumar, S.R. Meena and O.P. Awasthi

  9. Custom Hiring Services of Farm Machinery in Punjab: Impact and Policies
    Sukhpal Singh, H S Kingra and Sangeet

  10. Constraints Analysis in Adoption of Vegetable Production Technologies for Livelihood Perspective of Tribal Farmers in North Sikkim
    A.K. Mohanty, B. Lepch and Ashok Kumar

  11. Adoption of Dairy Farming Technologies by Livestock Farmers
    Letha Devi G

  12. Economics of Goat Farming Under Traditional Low Input Production System in Uttar Pradesh
    R. Prasad, A.K. Singh, Lakhan Singh and Atar Singh

  13. Training Needs of Goat Keepers in Maharashtra
    Mangesh Tekale, D.S. Deshmukh, Prakashkumar Rathod and Manish Sawant

  14. Impact of Front Line Demonstration on Adoption of Seed Treatment in Soybean
    M. K. Rathod, G. R. Tidke and R. P. Mandve

  15. Use of Ontology in Content Management by Developing Concept Maps and Topic Maps
    P. Supriya, V.K.Yadav and Anil Kumar Sindhu

  16. Resource Transformation and Social Profitability in Small Scale Aqua-Enterprises: Case Studies
    Biswajit Debnath, R.S. Biradar and Rahul Singh

  17. Role Performance of Grampanchayat Members in Agricultural Development Programmes
    A.R. Deshpande, M.C Soni and S.S. Shekhawat

  18. Use of Seasonal Forecast Information in Farm Level Decision Making in Bundelkhand, India
    Nick Monzy Martin


  19. Standardized Scale to Measure Attitude of Beneficiary Farmers towards Drip Irrigation Technology
    Hanuman Sahay Bunkar, Hanuman Lal and J.P. Yadav

  20. Innovative Advisory through CROPSAP
    M.C. Ahire and P. B. Kharde

  21. e-Readiness of Development Functionaries for Agricultural Development
    Basavaprabhu Jirli, Ashok Rai, Deoraj, Pushpendra Saroj, ManveerSingh, Ashok Kumar, Arun Kumar and Pushpendra Kumar

  22. Village Resource Centres (VRC) – A New Approach in Extension for Increased Agricultural Production
    Shamna. A, K.Narayana Gowda and N. S. Shivalinge Gowda

  23. Technical Efficiency of Different Fish Farming Practices in Assam
    Sonmoina Bhuyan, M. Krishnan and Dipanjan Kashyap

  24. Constraint Analysis of Backyard Pig Farming in Tribal Areas of Mizoram
    Lalhumliana Tochhawng and Sanjay Kumar Rewani

  25. Factors Affecting Knowledge of Fish Farmers Regarding Fish Production Technology
    Parvez Rajan, M.K. Dubey, S.R.K. Singh and M.A. Khan

  26. Effectiveness of Green House Technology in Siachen Sector of Ladakh
    Anand Kumar Katiyar, Ram Jiyawan and D. Angchok

  27. Analysis of Information Seeking Behaviour of the Ber Growers in Rajasthan
    B. L. Dhayal, I. M. Khan and M.K. Jangid

  28. Evaluation of Training Programme on Scaling up of Water Productivity in Agriculture
    B.S. Meena


  29. Quadruplets Calving in Deshi Cattle: A Rare Case
    Sukanta Biswas

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810, Paschim Puri,Agra (UP.)- 282007, India